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Shine on, Crazy Diamond

All the light we see and information we receive in our day to day lives is all thanks to the sun- but do we ever really stop to think what allows the sun to produce to light we so rely on? The sun actually relies heavily on quantum physics to even exist- which sounds very […] Continue reading

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The Great American (solar) Eclipse

There are two different types of eclipses; lunar eclipses and solar eclipses. I want to talk today about a particular solar eclipse coming our way. The Great American Eclipse. But I regress. Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses differ in a very important way; a lunar eclipse is when Earth lies directly between the sun and […] Continue reading

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Solar Flares cause magnetic storm on Earth

On February 16th 2014, solar flares from the sun are believed to have been strong enough to cause magnetic storms on out planet, Earth. This was due to the size of the solar flares, the flares were so long that they actually reached the Earths magnetic field around it. Namig Jalilov told APA that the […] Continue reading

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The Final Frontier

We live quite cozily on our happy little planet we call Earth. Our own solar system has 8 planets including Earth, and 613,152 confirmed minor planets. Our best estimates say that the Milky Way galaxy has anywhere from 100 to 400 billion other stars in it, most of which have planets around them. To put […] Continue reading

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The Carrington Event

Imagine that it’s 1am and you’re lying in your bed, when suddenly it begins to get lighter out–as if the sun is already rising. Birds are chirping, men are waking up confused, and aurorae can be seen in skies across the entire world. This phenomenon is what people around the world experienced on the morning […] Continue reading

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