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Alien Life Closer to Home

Although intelligent life has yet to make its debut for us, extraterrestrial life may be a little closer that we typically think of- specifically Martian life.  No, no, not little green men or facehugger kind of Martian life, but microbial life.  And not just on Mars either!  The three likeliest candidates for elementary life in […] Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

“Where are they?” asked Enrico Fermi to his colleagues in 1950.  Where is all the life that, by all rights, should populate our galaxy and the rest of the universe?  The Fermi Paradox arises from the knowledge that the whole of human history is but a blip in the cosmic calendar.  If we have so […] Continue reading

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Personal Space

Some 13,000 light-years away, in the Camelopardalis, or giraffe, constellation lies a rather unique binary star.  Two young, massive, blue stars are orbiting each other so quickly that they make a full revolution in a mere 28 hours.  In fact, the two stars of the MY Camelopardalis system are orbiting one another so closely that […] Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Storms

On a world where the entire surface and most of the atmosphere are composed of dense, fast-moving clouds, you can imagine that the storms are slightly worse than our regular terrestrial thunderstorm. Of course, the most famous of Jupiter’s maelstroms is the Great Red Spot, aptly named for its blue color (kidding) and impressive diameter, […] Continue reading

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Planetary Defense System

Earth sees its own fair share of incoming projectiles from space, but it’s extremely rare to find an event that poses any real threat to Earth or its life.  Most of this safety comes from that fact that space is inconceivably large; the possibility of being hit by an asteroid that could do any real […] Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse in August

This August 21, Nashville, TN will have one of the best views in the United States to view the upcoming solar eclipse.  Middle Tennessee will have around 2 minutes 30 seconds of eclipse and will be right in the path of the total eclipse.  The eclipse will begin at around 1:30 pm, Central Time. This […] Continue reading

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