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Binary Star Collision

Binary stars were stars orbiting each other, and they might eventually collide due to the stellar mass loss or gravitational radiation which caused the decay of orbits. Stellar collisions could be amazing and rare, which happened once every 10000 years in our globular clusters. It was very likely, from scientists’ approximation, that a binary star […] Continue reading

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Binary Stars

A binary star is a star system of two stars that orbit around the central point, called the barycenter. In conversation, binary stars are sometimes casually referred to as double stars. Binary star systems or multiple star systems (3+ stars in orbit in the same system) are actually way more common than you might think.Continue reading “Binary Stars” Continue reading

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Hypervelocity Stars

In 2005, the first hypervelocity star (HVS) was discovered by Smithsonian astronomers. These objects are defined as stars with very high velocities compared to normal star velocities in a galaxy. Some of them have velocities that exceed the escape velocity of the galaxy. They are thought to originate from encounters of binary stars with the … Continue reading Hypervelocity Stars Continue reading

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Personal Space

Some 13,000 light-years away, in the Camelopardalis, or giraffe, constellation lies a rather unique binary star.  Two young, massive, blue stars are orbiting each other so quickly that they make a full revolution in a mere 28 hours.  In fact, the two stars of the MY Camelopardalis system are orbiting one another so closely that […] Continue reading

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Binary (Double Star) Systems

If you’ve ever seen any kind of sci-fi movie, I’m sure you’ve seen an example of a binary star system. ¬†Countless space movies (most notably Star Wars) feature an alien sky with more than one Sun. ¬†While the effect is usually dramatized in film, these binary star systems are in fact very real. A binary […] Continue reading

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