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Astrobiology & The Search For Life

Astrobiology is the study of life that occurs somewhere other than Earth, as we’ve learned in class, and this blog post emphasizes its developments and possible future directions. There have been substantial scientific, technological, and programmatic advances achieved in the hunt for extraterrestrial life since the 2015 publication of NASA’s Astrobiology Strategy. Understanding the beginnings […] Continue reading

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How Extremophiles Work

As we talked about in class a few weeks ago, Extremophiles are living things that flourish under challenging conditions.They are amazing because they can endure situations that would be fatal to the majority of other life forms. They originate from Archaea, Eubacteria, and Eukarya, the three branches of the three-domain categorization scheme. Extremophiles have caused […] Continue reading

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Post 8

Now that the class has concluded, I would like to reflect on astronomy and the importance of the material that we learned. Astronomy is a fascinating topic, not only because of the nature of exploring the universe, but because it has implications for nearly every other science. From studying astronomy, we make revolutions in subjects […] Continue reading

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Final Post

It has been a long and interesting semester, filled with learning about everything from the laws of gravity, to the instruments of astronomy, and even alien life. Over the course of this semester, my view of the Solar System has changed drastically, both in detail and much more generally. I’ve learned many surprising facts about […] Continue reading

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some final thoughts

When I started this class, I didn’t expect to find so many connections between astronomy and they other subjects I’m interested in! I am majoring in philosophy and political science, subjects that I believed to be totally independent from the physics and history of our universe. Thankfully, I was very wrong! I still am shocked […] Continue reading

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Blog #6: Detecting Extrasolar Planets

The photo above features the transit method of detecting extrasolar planets. Detecting extrasolar planets is a very delicate and challenging task for scientists. The distances between stars and relative sizes of stars compared to planets make it extremely hard to pick them out. Stars are also typically a billion times brighter than planets. There are […] Continue reading

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Blog #5: Pluto

The above photo was captured by the New Horizons Spacecraft and enhanced by NASA in 2015. Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet and is located in the Kuiper Belt in the far reaches of the Solar System. The average surface temperature on Pluto is around -233°C. This is because Pluto receives very little sunlight […] Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a deep, powerful vortex that is broader than Earth and has been churning for hundreds of years. Its driving mechanism differs from that of other vortices, suggesting that it derives its energy from denser and deeper layers of the atmosphere. The energy mechanisms causing the Great Red Spot […] Continue reading

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Strange Dwarf Planets!

We all recognize Pluto as one of the most famous dwarf planets in our solar system. Since its reclassification in 2006, moreover, it has continued to intrigue both astronomers and the general public. From its icy surface to its various moons, Pluto is an incredibly unique world. However, there are many more interesting dwarf planets […] Continue reading

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Gotteem. This ain’t about Valentine’s Day. Nor is it about Minecraft. Nor the seagulls from Finding Nemo. This is about asteroid mining. You’ve been jabaited. But stick around for the ride of your life, or well, a mildly exciting exploration of the next generation of mining. The Earth is limited in its resources, as we […] Continue reading

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