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Is There Anybody Out There?

We have always asked the question, “Are we alone in the Universe?” Until now we firmly do not have an answer. But there is a little dreamer kid in all of us, including scientists. Which is why when NASA announced  it would be sending a probe to deep space, they decided to include a message … Continue reading Is There Anybody Out There? Continue reading

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Potentially Habitable Planets

Over the past few decades, we have discovered a number of planets outside of our solar system.  The majority of these planets are giants, but a certain few have some Earth-like characteristics.  For these Earth-like planets there is a ranking system to determine how similar they are to Earth.  In the image above, the top […] Continue reading

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The Sun is Not On Fire

In the video above, it may seem that the sun is a boiling ball of fire.  Fires provide us light and heat similar to our sun, so it makes sense that people would think that the sun actually is a ball of fire.  However, fire requires a chemical to be burned.  The sun is made up […] Continue reading

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Planet Earth in the Splash Zone

We often take for granted our Earthly paradise; with its warm temperatures and comforting blue skies, it’s easy to overlook the uniqueness that is Earth. This is even especially true when we consider the vast amount of liquid water on our planet. Water itself is not all that special, it can be found all over … Continue reading Planet Earth in the Splash Zone Continue reading

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