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Observing the Night Sky

The website Sky and Telescope is very cool! It shows an easy to understand layout of what planets, stars, etc. you will be viewing in the night sky and where they will be moving throughout the night and week. It also gives you categories of different celestial objects you can try to search for in … Continue reading Observing the Night Sky Continue reading

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Wait, It’s How Big?

Most people are probably aware that our solar system is REALLY BIG. They probably also know that the Sun is much larger than anything else in the solar system. However, a number on the subject might surprise people: 99.8%. That’s how much of our solar system’s total mass is located in the Sun. All the […] Continue reading

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Get Your Act Together, Venus

Our solar system is one of several patterns. Almost all objects orbit in the same direction, certain types of objects inhabit certain regions, and most objects have the same direction of rotation. I emphasize most. It turns out that we have a few planetary rebels in this regard, most striking among them being Venus. Venus […] Continue reading

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