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Asteroid Mining

There are millions of asteroids in our solar system, and they are more valuable than most people think. When I thought of asteroids in the past, I thought of grey rocks that were uninteresting and dull. However, after learning about asteroid mining and the potential benefits asteroids could provide Earth, I re-evaluated my standpoint. It… Continue reading

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What is a Quasar?

This brief video explains our current understanding of quasars, and how the generate so much energy and are able to be seen from so far away. As the video discusses, when quasars were first observed in the 1960’s, there was a great deal of interest generated about these distant yet incredibly bright objects. As we […] Continue reading

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Antimatter Spacecraft

Despite the incredible distance to neighboring stars, there are scientists working on spacecraft that can theoretically take us to these distant worlds. One of the most interesting spacecraft concepts for the future is an Antimatter Spacecraft. The fundamentals of this design are outlined in HowStuffWorks’ article, “How Antimatter Spacecraft Will Work”. The article first gives […] Continue reading

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