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Wobbling Stars

Most people would be surprised to know that every star in the sky is not a “stationary” center of their solar systems. Of course, the entire solar system is flying through space, orbiting the center of its galaxy. But many would look at the Sun and say that relative to the rest of the Solar … Continue reading Wobbling Stars Continue reading

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Is Pluto a Planet?

  I can recall sitting and listening to an astronomy presentation during my eighth grade year. The man who presented told us that Pluto was no longer a planet. For some reason this bothered me because all my life I had been told that Pluto was in fact a planet. I can also recall taking […] Continue reading

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Weird Life on Titan?

Image Source People are fascinated by the Universe for a variety of reasons. Some are intrigued by black holes, while others may be obsessed with the formation of stars and planets. But one thing is for sure, the possibility of life elsewhere is definitely an exciting topic no matter what you’re interested in. When we […] Continue reading

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Is Pluto a planet?

A few weeks ago, I was discussing my astronomy class with a friend, when he interrupted to tell me his summation of the subject: “Spoiler Alert,” he told me. “Pluto isn’t a planet after all.” It wasn’t as thrilling as the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Jupiter: Magnetosphere Explained

One feature of Jupiter that may come as a surprise is that it contains a magnetic field more than 20,000 times as strong as that of Earth’s. But, how is this possible if the Gas Giant is comprised of only … Continue reading Continue reading

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