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Interesting facts about Fermi Paradox

In respect to one of the most controversial question, “whether extraterrestrial lives exist in the universe,” we often assume there is high probability that such alien lives exist somewhere. Because there are 70 sextillion stars and numerous earth-like planets along with the stars in the observable universe, we often think that some intelligent forms of … Continue reading Interesting facts about Fermi Paradox Continue reading

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Blog 8: In Space Manufacturing

Over the past two semesters I have been working on an engineering senior design project. My team and I have been working for the Marshall Space Flight Center on one of NASA’s ongoing missions to develop in space manufacturing capabilities. The International Space Station currently houses approximately 29,000 pounds of spares in storage. Historically, 95% … Continue reading Blog 8: In Space Manufacturing Continue reading

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Our Solar System– On Earth

Two weeks ago, I was in Gainesville, Florida when I saw the solar system pass me by as I drove down the street. I was so excited to spot a solar system model because I thought the only model that existed in the country was at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Spotting this solar … Continue reading Our Solar System– On Earth Continue reading

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