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Planet no. 9

Pluto–a well loved member of our solar system with a short-lived reputation as a planet. Discovered in 1930, it was classified as the ninth planet in our solar system until its demotion to a dwarf planet in 2006. I remember that fateful day in elementary school science class when we got the news: Pluto was … Continue reading Planet no. 9 Continue reading

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Io: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon

If you showed me a picture of Io, my first thought would not be that it is a moon. To me, it looks like a block of cheese, a little rotted in certain places. That is because it looks so different from our idea of a moon, or that is Earth’s moon. Earth’s moon is … Continue reading Io: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Continue reading

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Planet Nine

  Planet Nine Orbit In January of 2016, some scientists suggested that our Solar System may yet again be comprised of nine planets, but how did they come to this conclusion? Well, scientists observed that way out in our outer solar system, some Kuiper Belt objects had unusual orbits that were similar to each other. … Continue reading Planet Nine Continue reading

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Naming Exoplanets: Explained

So you’ve just discovered an exoplanet via the Astrometric method, the Doppler method, the Transit method, or some other scheme. … More Continue reading

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