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New FAQ: What is the difference between the Expenditure Item Date, Creation Date and Accounting Date for my project’s transactions?

Posted by on Friday, June 15, 2018 in Grants & Contracts, News, Projects, Reporting.

Expenditures associated with Grants, Faculty Funds and other projects created and managed via Projects Portfolio Management (PPM) in Oracle Cloud have multiple associated dates.  These dates allow for tracking of costs from both a compliance and financial reporting perspective.

Expenditure Item Date

The Expenditure Item Date is the date that a transaction occurs.  For grants and contracts, the Expenditure Item Date of a transaction must be within the period of the grant in order to comply with the terms of the award.

Creation Date and Accounting Date

A transaction’s Creation Date is the date the transaction is loaded into PPM, while the Accounting Date is the date the transaction is recorded in the General Ledger (GL).  These dates are used for financial management and reporting purposes.  These dates may differ depending on the timing of the accounting process for each module.



Assume that following completion of a business trip, a staff member has created and submitted an expense report, and all of the approvals (departmental and central) are completed as of June 15.  Assume also that the related accounting processes for both PPM and the GL are run on June 15.

If this report contains an expense of $300 for an airline ticket that was paid via credit card on May 15, then the Expenditure Item Date for that $300 in travel expense will be May 15.  However, the Creation Date and Accounting Date for that $300 travel expense will be June 15, as that is the date the accounting process for the expense was completed.

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