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New Feature: Export Costing Information from Oracle Cloud Payroll

Jul. 17, 2018—The Manage Costing for a Person screen has been updated to allow HCM Specialists to export costing data from within the costing entry fields for analysis and/or review purposes. To do this: From within Person Management, select Manage Costing for a Person Select the Assignment or Element to view the costing Click the Export icon...

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Update: New Links in PPM List and Overview Reports

Jul. 2, 2018—We have recently updated the following PPM reports to provide direct links to the related summary and details reports: Award List The Award List report now provides direct links to the related Award Overview reports. Award Overview The list of projects on the the Award Overview report now provides links to the related PPM Budget vs Actual report. Project...

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Changes to SkyVU Support Contact Information

Jul. 2, 2018—Effective July 1st the way you request help using Oracle Cloud is changing. In an effort to ensure timely support, you will no longer be required to submit a ticket on the SkyVU website. Instead, you can directly contact the department that oversees the function where you’re experiencing an issue. The SkyVU Support page on the...

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New FAQ: What is the difference between the Expenditure Item Date, Creation Date and Accounting Date for my project’s transactions?

Jun. 15, 2018—Expenditures associated with Grants, Faculty Funds and other projects created and managed via Projects Portfolio Management (PPM) in Oracle Cloud have multiple associated dates.  These dates allow for tracking of costs from both a compliance and financial reporting perspective. Expenditure Item Date The Expenditure Item Date is the date that a transaction occurs.  For grants and...

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