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June, 2018

New FAQ: How do I identify the line type on a requistion?

Jun. 15, 2018—Procurement Requesters and Financial Unit Managers can identify the line type for a requisition by reviewing the transaction details.   Catalog Requisition Lines All information regarding Catalog Requisition Line Items (i.e., items selected in Aquiire) is contained within the item hyperlink for each line.  This link identifies the line items as selected from the online catalog.  ...

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Updates to Oracle Cloud – June 2018

Jun. 15, 2018—There have been a couple of updates to Vanderbilt’s Oracle Cloud environment this week. Global Search Bar The SkyVU team has implemented an in-system global search bar on the Oracle Cloud home screen. This new feature allows users to find commonly-accessed tasks and recently-viewed items.  The search will also return certain Oracle help documents.  Please note these are generic...

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New FAQ: What is the difference between the Expenditure Item Date, Creation Date and Accounting Date for my project’s transactions?

Jun. 15, 2018—Expenditures associated with Grants, Faculty Funds and other projects created and managed via Projects Portfolio Management (PPM) in Oracle Cloud have multiple associated dates.  These dates allow for tracking of costs from both a compliance and financial reporting perspective. Expenditure Item Date The Expenditure Item Date is the date that a transaction occurs.  For grants and...

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New FAQ: How can I view expense reports once they have been paid?

Jun. 13, 2018—Once an expense report is paid, it will no longer display on the main Travel and Expenses page in Oracle Cloud.  However, you can still search for and view these reports using the Search features within the Expenses module.  This feature also allows for Expense Delegates to view prior expense reports of other users for whom they...

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Renewing Purchase Orders for FY19

Jun. 13, 2018—As FY18 is coming to a close, it’s time to review and renew expiring purchase orders in preparation for FY19. If you have any purchase orders that require renewal, the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing team has provided instructions on the Finance website.  Renewals must be submitted as new requisitions in Oracle Cloud Procurement, and Financial Unit...

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