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New Feature: Time and Schedule for Managers

Posted by on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 in Core HR, News, Time and Time Off.

IntroductionSampleReporting to Time and Schedule for Line Managers

A new Time and Schedule feature has been added to My Team for all Line Managers.

This feature allows line managers to:

  • View the scheduled time and absences for their direct reports; and
  • View time cards for employees within their direct reporting line.

To demonstrate these features, consider the team at right, led by Linus Manager.  Within Time and Schedule, Linus can view:

  • Scheduled absences for his direct report Patty; and
  • The time card for biweekly employee Stuart, who is Patty’s direct report.


Accessing Time and Schedule

To access these tools, managers should select Time and Schedule within the My Team section of the Springboard or Navigator.



View Published Schedule: Time and Absences for Direct Reports

To view the schedule for direct reports:


  1. Upon accessing Time and Schedule, click the Tasks icon and select View Published Schedule.
  2. The View Published Schedule window will then display the current week’s schedule for your team (i.e., all direct reports).
  3. Use the calendar date and arrows to scroll by week and view your team’s schedule.
  4. All scheduled time and absences are displayed – in this example, Patty has a previously Approved Absence (e.g., PTO) scheduled for Monday, 12/3.
  5. Click Show/Hide Legend to toggle the time types on or off as desired.
  6. Pending Absences (i.e., those requested but not yet approved) are displayed alongside the employee’s scheduled time – when the absence is approved, the schedule will display only the Approved Absence.  In this example, Patty has requested to be out on Thursday and Friday, 12/20-21, but Linus has not yet approved this absence.
  7. The summary at the bottom of the page displays your team’s total scheduled time.
  8. Click Done when you are finished reviewing the schedule to close the window.


View Time Cards: Time Cards for the Reporting Line

To view time card(s) for employees in your reporting hierarchy:


  1. Upon accessing Time and Schedule, you will see the View Time Cards screen.
  2. Enter your search parameters.  The From and To Dates indicate the time period(s) for which you want to view the employee’s time card(s) and will default to the current date
  3. Click Search.
  4. A summary displaying the employee, period(s), time card status and total hours will display.  The menus and icons above the table provide additional options, such as adjusting the number and order of the columns (View) and exporting the results to Excel (Actions).
  5. Click the View icon (i.e., eyeglasses) to review additional details for a specific time card.


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