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Review and Renew Legacy POs before September 2018

Posted by on Monday, July 30, 2018 in News, Procurement.

During December 2017, our conversion process to Oracle Cloud brought over any open, active purchase orders (POs) from the legacy eProcurement and APPO systems.  While necessary to continue operations during the initial stages of the transition to Oracle, these ageds POs have limitations in terms of visibility and functionality, and in some cases have resulting in accounting errors.

In order to eliminate these issues, Finance will begin closing out these legacy POs at the beginning of September 2018.  If renewal of a legacy PO is needed, a Procurement Requester should create a new requisition in Oracle.  This is the same process that was used for renewing blanket orders and service/maintenance agreements in preparation for the new fiscal year.

Actions Needed

Financial Unit Managers

In preparation, FUMs should review their lists of outstanding legacy POs and work with the Procurement Requesters in their areas to initiate a new requisition in Oracle for any POs that continue to be applicable but were not renewed through the annual renewal process in June.

To do this:

  1. Run the P2P Purchasing Summary report for all applicable Financial Unit(s)/Entities.  This report has recently been updated to include a column for outstanding encumbrances.  The recommended prompt values to select and view outstanding legacy POs are:
    • Accounting Period: select December 2017;
    • Entity or Financial Unit(s): select your Entity or Financial Unit(s), as applicable; and
    • PO Status: select both Open and Closed for Receiving.
  2. Identify from the list any remaining legacy POs that need to be renewed.
  3. Work with a Procurement Requester in your area to submit a replacement PO in Oracle.

Procurement Requesters

When creating these new requisitions, please be sure to:

  • Attach all applicable supporting documentation in the requisition header; and
  • Include in the Notes to Supplier section, “This new PO replaces _<legacy PO number>


Purchasing & Payment Services will begin closing the remaining legacy POs beginning in September and thus will not process/pay any invoices received after Friday, August 31, that reference a legacy PO number.  Please ensure that any necessary legacy POs are replaced prior to that date.


If you have any questions as you review and renew your POs or need assistance with reviewing details of requisitions or POs from the legacy systems, please email

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