About the Mindful PhD

I am an assistant director at the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University and an affiliated faculty member in the English Department.  My PhD is in English (American Literature), and my research in recent years has been focused on student learning in higher education (scholarship of teaching and learning/SoTL), particularly in literary studies.  For more information, see my professional website.

I am grateful to Christy Moravitz (yoga instructor), Carla Powers (librarian, friend, yogi), Patty Flynn (friend, yogi, meditation partner), Nichole Kathol (professor, friend, yogi), Michelle Foote-Pearce (mindfulness teacher), and Linda Manning (mindfulness teacher) for the ways they’ve shaped my mindfulness, my survival, and my future. Read my post about how and why I got into mindfulness.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in The Mindful PhD are my own and not necessarily those of Vanderbilt University or of a clinical expert.  I’m neither a scientist nor a mindfulness expert; instead, I’m a practitioner of mindfulness fascinated with the research and eager to share with colleagues and students.