Pontine Crossing Tract (pct)

Protocol PDF Document (version 1.2): pct

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.52.00 PM


  1. Create two separate sagittal seed regions (at approx. sagittal slice 76 and 80), one for each side

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.52.05 PM

  1. Create two separate sagittal ROI regions (lateral to the seed regions) (at approx. coronal slice 73 and 83), one for each side.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.52.10 PM

  1. In the region list, check only the left seed region, then run fiber tracking. Based on this output, ROA placement will be clearer.
  1. Create one ROA region and draw three different regions:
      1. on a coronal slice anterior to the seed region
      2. on an axial slice superior to the seed region
      3. on an axial slice inferior to the seed region
  1. Check all seed regions and ROA region. Perform fiber tracking.
  1. Under the tract list, make sure only the desired tract is checked and highlighted in purple. Save region, tract, and density files.
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2 Responses to Pontine Crossing Tract (pct)

  1. Kurt says:

    Confusing – does this cross midline? Is there L/R? I would suggest just two ROIs rather than two seeds, two ROIs, 3 exclusion regions.

  2. Kurt says:

    Need anatomical descriptions – where is seed placed? Where are ROAs placed? I assume we want to reference exclusion regions in reference to cerebellum anatomy.

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