Middle Cerebellar Peduncle – mcp

Protocol PDF Document (version 1.2): mcpmcp1


  1. Create two separate coronal seed regions (at approx. coronal slice 111), one on each side, then run fiber tracking. Based on this output, ROA placement will be clearer.


  1. Create one ROA region and draw two different regions:
      1. on an axial slice superior to the seed region.
      2. on an axial slice inferior to the seed region.
  1. In the region list, check both seed regions and ROA regions. Perform fiber tracking.
  1. Under the tract list, make sure only the desired tract is checked and highlighted in purple. Save region, tract, and density files.
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2 Responses to Middle Cerebellar Peduncle – mcp

  1. Kurt says:

    What does ROA placement will be clearer mean? Where are these ROAs supposed to be located relative to some anatomy? Need more specific than superior/inferior.

  2. Kurt says:

    I feel like this should just be two inclusion ROIs? Rather than 2 seed regions? The two ROIs will remove need for exclusion ROAs.

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