Protocols for All Tracts

TractEM White Matter Tractography Protocol
Version 1.2 May 25, 2018

Tract Name Tract Code
Anterior Commissure ac
Anterior Corona Radiata acr
Anterior Limb of the internal capsule aic
Body of Corpus Callosum bcc
Cerebral Peduncle cp
Cingulum (cingulate gyrus part) cgc
Cingulum (hippocampal part) cgh
Corticospinal Tract cst
Fornix fx
Fornix (crus)/ stria terminalis fxst
Genu of the corpus callosum gcc
Inferior Cerebellar Peduncle icp
Inferior Fronto Occipital Fasciculus ifo
Inferior Longitudinal Fasciculus ilf
Medial Lemniscus ml
Midbrain M
Middle Cerebellar Peduncle mcp
Olfactory Radiation olfr
Optic Tract opt
Posterior Corona Radiata pcr
Pontine Crossing Tract pct
Posterior Limb of the Internal Capsule pic
Posterior Thalamic Radiation ptr
Sagittal Stratum ss
Splenium of the Corpus Callosum scc
Superior Cerebellar Peduncle scp
Superior Corona Radiata scr
Superior Fronto Occipital Fasciculus sfo
Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus slf
Tapetum of the Corpus Callosum tap
Uncinate Fasciculus unc
Cortical Associated White Matter (Frontal Lobe) fl
Cortical Associated White Matter (Parietal Lobe) pl
Cortical Associated White Matter (Occipital Lobe) ol
Cortical Associated White Matter (Temporal Lobe) tl

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