Genu of the Corpus Callosum – gcc

Protocol PDF Document (version 1.2): gccgcc1


  1. Create one seed region (at approx. sagittal slice 80) on a sagittal slice at the midline. This posterior extent lines up with the anterior part of the body. (genu seed = purple, body seed = yellow). Then run fiber tracking, (based on this output, ROA placement will be clearer).


  1. Create one ROA region on a coronal slice posterior to the seed region.
  1. In the region list, check the seed region and ROA regions. Perform fiber tracking
  1. Under the tract list, make sure only the desired tract is checked and highlighted in purple. Save region, tract, and density files.
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One Response to Genu of the Corpus Callosum – gcc

  1. Kurt says:

    what does ROA placement will be clearer mean? Is the goal to not let fibers run posterior? Posterior to what? Needs anatomical description (if required). Why seed versus ROI? Just preference? What about Wakana et al. method = simple, easy to see ROIs, does not need to be perfect ROIs, no false positives.

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