Optic Tract – opt

Protocol PDF Document (version 1.2): optopt1


  1. Create four sagittal seed regions (at approx. sagittal slice 66, 70, 82, 91) on the orange dot, two on each side, then run fiber tracking. Based on this output, ROA placement will be clearer.


  1. Create one ROA region and draw four different regions:
      1. 2-3 regions on an axial slice superior to the seed region
      2. one on an axial slice inferior to the seed region
  1. In the region list, check all seed regions and ROA regions. Perform fiber tracking.
  1. Under the tract list, make sure only the desired tract is checked and highlighted in purple. Save region, tract, and density files.
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4 Responses to Optic Tract – opt

  1. Kurt says:

    4 seed regions seems excessive. Why not 2 ROIs? Need anatomical description. Where are ROAs based on anatomy? Just “superior” or above certain anatomical structure?

  2. Kurt says:

    maybe use 2 ROIs, and a coronal ROA superior to Meyer’s loop based on visualization of big U-turn?

  3. Kurt says:

    disregard previous – thought this was optic radiations (visualization is hard to appreciate – 4 seeds is still excessive) needs anatomical descriptions of location

  4. Cailey Kerley says:

    This one is by far the hardest so far. It needs clearer guidance on seed placement, and probably more ROAs (coronal)? The protocol text only says to place axial ROAs, but the pictures at the top of the post definitely show a saggital ROA. I spent 15 minutes on this and still had a very messy looking bundle (way too many streamlines, a lot of excess paritcularly in the back), so I just gave up.

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