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Access to all data is subject to the WU-Minn HCP Consortium Open Access Data Use Terms. 

Sample Data for One Subject Protocol Version 1.0 (Posted March 30, 2018)

Input Data:

    • T1 MRI: (NII)

    • DW-MRI: img+bvec+grad dev+ mask (NII & txt)

Talairach Aligned Data:

    • T1 MRI: (NII)

    • DW-MRI: img+bvec+grad dev+mask (NII & csv)

DSI Studio Input:

    • Subject Data (FIB):

DSI Studio Intermediate Results:

    • DSI Studio Environment (Seed Regions / End Regions / ROIS / ROA) (NII):

TractEM Results:

    • Manually Computed Density Maps (NII):

    • Manually Computed Tractography Files (TRK):

One Response to Sample Data

  1. Mohammadhadi Aarabi says:

    Thank you for providing these protocol. Is it possible to create these roi in MNI space?

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