Nathaniel Chapman


Genetic and Structural Basis for Neutralization of Hantaviruses

Project Abstract

Hantaviruses are a major threat to human health, and a cause of severe zoonotic disease. Very little is known about human immunity to hantavirus. Nate proposes to study the natural human B cell response to hantavirus infections using human immune samples that are in hand to isolate a large panel of human antibodies to protective hantavirus proteins. He will study the antigenic and genetic diversity in hantaviruses in North and South America, which exhibit sequence diversity. With a large panel of antibodies, he will be able to define the genetic and structural basis of antibody mediated recognition of hantaviruses.

Given recent expansion of structural capabilities of TIPS, he will rapidly include DXMS, EM and other structural techniques to interrogate the structure of antigen-antibody complexes. These studies will provide a rich training program and also provide interesting data for which modeling collaborations can be initiated.


Primary: James E. Crowe, Jr

Secondary: Jens Meiler

Type of Trainee

Graduate student