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‘Robust Statistics’

Constructing Statistically Unbiased Cortical Surface Templates Using Feature Space Covariance

Dec. 19, 2017—Citation: ” Constructing statistically unbiased cortical surface templates using feature-space covariance”. Prasanna Parvathaneni, Ilwoo Lyu, Justin A. Blaber, Yuankai Huo, Allison E. Hainline, Neil D. Woodward, Hakmook Kang, Bennett A. Landman   In SPIE Medical Imaging, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2018 (Accepted). Abstract The choice of surface template plays an important role in cross-sectional subject analyses...

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Biological Parametric Mapping WITH Robust AND Non-Parametric Statistics

Jul. 31, 2011—Xue Yang, Lori Beason-Held, Susan M Resnick, Bennett A Landman. “Biological Parametric Mapping with Robust and Non-Parametric Statistics”, NeuroImage 57 (2011) Jul 423–430 PMC3114289† Full text: Abstract Mapping the quantitative relationship between structure and function in the human brain is an important and challenging problem. Numerous volumetric, surface, regions of interest and voxelwise image...

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