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Inter-Scanner Harmonization of High Angular Resolution DW-MRI using Null Space Deep Learning

Sep. 10, 2018—Vishwesh Nath, Prasanna Parvathaneni, Colin B. Hansen, Allison E. Hainline, Camilo Bermudez, Samuel Remedios, Justin A. Blaber, Kurt G. Schilling, Ilwoo Lyu, Vaibhav Janve, Yurui Gao, Iwona Stepniewska, Baxter P. Rogers, Allen T. Newton, L. Taylor Davis, Jeff Luci, Adam W. Anderson¬†and Bennett A. Landman (Accepted at Computation Diffusion MRI Workshop at MICCAI 2018) Abstract....

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Learning Implicit Brain MRI Manifolds with Deep Learning

Dec. 22, 2017—Bermudez, C., Plassard, A.J., Davis, T.L., Newton, A.T., Resnick, S.M., and Landman, B.A.¬†(2017) “Learning implicit brain MRI manifolds with deep learning.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.01847 Full Text: Abstract An important task in image processing and neuroimaging is to extract quantitative information from the acquired images in order to make observations about the presence of disease...

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