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Body Composition Assessment with Limited Field-of-view Computed Tomography: A Semantic Image Extension Perspective. Medical Image Analysis

Aug. 31, 2023—Kaiwen Xu, Thomas Li, Mirza S. Khan, Riqiang Gao, Sanja L. Antic, Yuankai Huo, Kim L. Sandler, Fabien Maldonado, Bennett A. Landman Paper: Code: Abstract Field-of-view (FOV) tissue truncation beyond the lungs is common in routine lung screening computed tomography (CT). This poses limitations for opportunistic CT-based body composition (BC) assessment as key anatomical structures...

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Semantic-Aware Contrastive Learning for Multi-object Medical Image Segmentation

Aug. 31, 2023—Ho Hin Lee, Yucheng Tang, Qi Yang, Xin Yu, Leon Y. Cai, Lucas W. Remedios, Shunxing Bao, Bennett A. Landman, Yuankai Huo Paper: Code: Abstract Medical image segmentation, or computing voxel-wise semantic masks, is a fundamental yet challenging task in medical imaging domain. To increase the ability of encoder-decoder neural networks to perform this task...

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Self-Supervised Pre-Training of Swin Transformers for 3D Medical Image Analysis

Jul. 25, 2022—Tang, Yucheng, Dong Yang, Wenqi Li, Holger R. Roth, Bennett Landman, Daguang Xu, Vishwesh Nath, and Ali Hatamizadeh. “Self-supervised pre-training of swin transformers for 3d medical image analysis.” In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pp. 20730-20740. 2022. Full text:  Abstract Vision Transformers (ViT)s have shown great performance in self-supervised...

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Body Part Regression With Self-Supervision

Jan. 14, 2021—Y.Tang, R.Gao, S.Han, Y.Chen, D.Gao, V.Nath, C.Bermudez, M.R. Savona, R.G. Abramson, S.Bao,I.Lyu, Y.Huo and B.A. Landman,”Body Part Regression with Self-supervision”,IEEETransactions onMedicalImaging,2021 Full Text: Abstract Body part regression is a promising new technique that enables content navigation through selfsupervised learning. Using this technique, the global quantitative spatial location for each axial view slice is obtained...

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Prediction of Type II Diabetes Onset with Computed Tomography and Electronic Medical Records

Dec. 7, 2020—Yucheng Tang, Riqiang Gao, Ho Hin Lee, Quinn Stanton Wells, Ashley Spann, James Gregory Terry, Jeff Carr, Yuankai Huo, Shunxing Bao and Bennett A. Landman, “Prediction of Type II Diabetes Onset with Computed Tomography and Electronic Medical Records”, MICCAI CLIP, 2020. Full Text: Abstract Type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a significant public health concern...

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Evaluation of Body-Wise and Organ-Wise Registrations for Abdominal Organs

Apr. 15, 2016—Zhoubing Xu, Sahil A. Panjwani, Christopher P. Lee, Ryan P. Burke, Rebeccah B. Baucom, Benjamin K. Poulose, Richard G. Abramson, Bennett A. Landman, “Evaluation of Body-Wise and Organ-Wise Registrations for Abdominal Organs”, In Proceedings of the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference. San Diego, California, February 2016. Oral presentation. Full Text:   Abstract Identifying cross-sectional and...

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