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Body Composition Assessment with Limited Field-of-view Computed Tomography: A Semantic Image Extension Perspective. Medical Image Analysis

Aug. 31, 2023—Kaiwen Xu, Thomas Li, Mirza S. Khan, Riqiang Gao, Sanja L. Antic, Yuankai Huo, Kim L. Sandler, Fabien Maldonado, Bennett A. Landman Paper: Code: Abstract Field-of-view (FOV) tissue truncation beyond the lungs is common in routine lung screening computed tomography (CT). This poses limitations for opportunistic CT-based body composition (BC) assessment as key anatomical structures...

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AI Body Composition in Lung Cancer Screening: Added Value Beyond Lung Cancer Detection

Aug. 31, 2023—Kaiwen Xu, Mirza S. Khan, Thomas Z. Li, Riqiang Gao, James G. Terry, Yuankai Huo, Thomas A. Lasko, John Jeffrey Carr, Fabien Maldonado, Bennett A. Landman, Kim L. Sandler Paper: Abstract Background An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm has been developed for fully automated body composition assessment of lung cancer screening noncontrast low-dose CT of the...

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Single Slice Thigh CT Muscle Group Segmentation with Domain Adaptation and Self-Training

Aug. 31, 2023—Qi Yang, Xin Yu, Ho Hin Lee, Leon Y. Cai, Kaiwen Xu, Shunxing Bao, Yuankai Huo , Ann Zenobia Moore, Sokratis Makrogiannis, Luigi Ferrucci, Bennett A. Landman. Objective: Thigh muscle group segmentation is important for assessment of muscle anatomy, metabolic disease and aging. Many efforts have been put into quantifying muscle tissues with magnetic resonance...

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Extending the value of routine lung screening CT with quantitative body composition assessment

Nov. 28, 2022—Kaiwen Xu, Riqiang Gao, Yucheng Tang, Steve A. Deppen, Kim L. Sandler, Michael N. Kammer, Sanja L. Antic, Fabien Maldonado, Yuankai Huo, Mirza S. Khan, Bennett A. Landman Abstract Certain body composition phenotypes, like sarcopenia, are well established as predictive markers for post-surgery complications and overall survival of lung cancer patients. However, their association with...

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