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April, 2013

Out-of-Atlas Likelihood Estimation using Multi-Atlas Segmentation.

Apr. 15, 2013—Andrew J. Asman, Lola Chambless, Reid Thompson, and Bennett A. Landman. “Out-of-Atlas Likelihood Estimation using Multi-Atlas Segmentation.” Medical Physics. 2013 Apr;40(4) PMC23556928 † Full-Text:   Abstract Purpose: Multi-atlas segmentation has been shown to be highly robust and accurate across an extraordinary range of potential applications. However, it is limited to the segmentation of structures...

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Simultaneous Analysis and Quality Assurance for Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

Apr. 15, 2013—Carolyn B. Lauzon, Andrew J. Asman, Michael L. Esparza, Scott S. Burns, Qiuyun Fan, Yurui Gao, Adam W. Anderson, Nicole Davis, Laurie E. Cutting, Bennett A. Landman. “Simultaneous Analysis and Quality Assurance for Diffusion Tensor Imaging.” PLoS ONE. 2013 Apr 30;8(4) PMC23637895 † Full Text:   Abstract Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) enables non-invasive, cyto-architectural...

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