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Exploratory multi-site magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging shows white matter neuroaxonal loss associated with complications of type 1 diabetes in children

Aug. 31, 2023—Cai LY, Tanase C, Anderson AW, Patel NJ, Lee CA, Jones RS, LeStourgeon LM, Mahon A, Taki I, Juvera J, Pruthi S, Gwal K, Ozturk A, Kang H, Rewers A, Rewers MJ, Alonso GT, Glaser N, Ghetti S, Jaser SS, Landman BA, Jordan LC Paper: Abstract Background and purpose: Type 1 diabetes affects over 200,000...

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Pancreas CT Segmentation by Predictive Phenotyping

Dec. 14, 2021—Y. Tang, R.Gao, H.H.Lee, Q.Yang, X.Yu,Y.Zhou, S.Bao, Y.Huo, J.Spraggins, J.Virostko, Z.Xu, B.A. Landman. “Pancreas CTSegmentation by Predictive Phenotyping”. International Conference on MedicalImage Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention(MICCAI), 2021 Full Text: Abstract Pancreas CT segmentation offers promise at understanding the structural manifestation of metabolic conditions. To date, the medical primary record of conditions that impact...

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Multimodal neuroimaging in pediatric type 1 diabetes: a pilot multisite feasibility study of acquisition quality, motion, and variability

Dec. 10, 2021—Leon Y. Cai, Costin Tanase, Adam W. Anderson, Karthik Ramadass, Francois Rheault, Chelsea A. Lee, Niral J. Patel, Sky Jones, Lauren M. LeStourgeon, Alix Mahon, Sumit Pruthi, Kriti Gwal, Arzu Ozturk, Hakmook Kang, Nicole Glaser, Simona Ghetti, Sarah S. Jaser, Lori C. Jordan, and Bennett A. Landman Abstract Type 1 diabetes (T1D) affects over 200,000...

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