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October, 2020

Validation of group-wise registration for surface-based functional MRI analysis

Oct. 20, 2020—Chang Yu, Yue Liu, Leon Cai, Cailey Kerley, Kaiwen Xu, Katherine Aboud, Warren Taylor, Hakmook Kang, Andrea Shafer, Lori Beason-Held, Susan Resnick, Bennett Landman, Ilwoo Lyu. “Validation of group-wise registration for surface-based functional MRI analysis”. SPIE Medical Imaging 2021. [Full text][Code] Abstract Resting-state functional MRI (rsfMRI) provides important information for studying and mapping the activities...

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Development and Characterization of a Chest CT Atlas

Oct. 13, 2020—Kaiwen Xu, Riqiang Gao, Mirza S. Khan, Shunxing Bao, Yucheng Tang, Steve A. Deppen, Yuankai Huo, Kim L. Sandler, Pierre P. Massion, Mattias P. Heinrich, Bennett A. Landman. Development and characterization of a chest CT atlas. SPIE Medical Imaging, 2021. Full text: Abstract A major goal of lung cancer screening is to identify individuals...

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