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Pancreas CT Segmentation by Predictive Phenotyping

Dec. 14, 2021—Y. Tang, R.Gao, H.H.Lee, Q.Yang, X.Yu,Y.Zhou, S.Bao, Y.Huo, J.Spraggins, J.Virostko, Z.Xu, B.A. Landman. “Pancreas CTSegmentation by Predictive Phenotyping”. International Conference on MedicalImage Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention(MICCAI), 2021 Full Text: Abstract Pancreas CT segmentation offers promise at understanding the structural manifestation of metabolic conditions. To date, the medical primary record of conditions that impact...

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High-resolution 3D abdominal segmentation with random patch network fusion

Dec. 14, 2021—Y. Tang,R.Gao,S.Han, Y.Chen, D.Gao, V.Nath, C.Bermudez, M.R. Savona, R.G. Abramson, S.Bao,I.Lyu, Y.Huo and B.A. Landman,“High-resolution 3D Abdominal Segmentation with Random PatchNetworkFusion”,Medical Image Analysis, 2021. Full Text: Abstract Deep learning for three dimensional (3D) abdominal organ segmentation on high-resolution computed to- mography (CT) is a challenging topic, in part due to the limited memory provide...

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Body Part Regression With Self-Supervision

Jan. 14, 2021—Y.Tang, R.Gao, S.Han, Y.Chen, D.Gao, V.Nath, C.Bermudez, M.R. Savona, R.G. Abramson, S.Bao,I.Lyu, Y.Huo and B.A. Landman,”Body Part Regression with Self-supervision”,IEEETransactions onMedicalImaging,2021 Full Text: Abstract Body part regression is a promising new technique that enables content navigation through selfsupervised learning. Using this technique, the global quantitative spatial location for each axial view slice is obtained...

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Shape-Constrained Multi-Atlas Segmentation of Spleen in CT

Feb. 1, 2014—Z. Xu, B. Li, S. Panda, A. Asman, Kristen. L. Merkle, Peter L. Shanahan, Richard G. Abramson, B. Landman. “Shape-Constrained Multi-Atlas Segmentation of Spleen in CT.” In Proceedings of the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference. San Diego, California, February 2014† Full Text: Abstract Spleen segmentation on clinically acquired CT data is a challenging problem given...

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